How Instagram stories can help you in your next event?


Did you know that Instagram has gone from having 800 million users in 2018 to more than one billion in 2020? According to the latest reports, there are more than 300 million active users every day on this social network. Thus, it is a fact to be said that it becomes Instagram in one of the most powerful tools to generate engagement between attendees and the organization of any event you plan to organize. In this article, we tell you how Instagram stories can help you in your next event.

For example, Instagram has a very powerful tool: the stories (10-second videos that disappear after 24 hours). For sure, these ones have multiplied the options when taking advantage of this social network in an event. Do you really want to know what are the advantages of Instagram stories and how can they help you at your next event? We will tell you below!

  1. It has been proven that the stories are more viewed by our target than the publications that are directly uploaded to the profile. In addition, more than 70 per cent of videos are played with activated sound (unlike Facebook).
  2. The appearance of Instagram Live (live videos) and Instagram TV make the followers of our brand enjoy the before, during, and after of the event in a unique and exclusive way, even being a part of it if they have not been able to attend.  
  3. Swipe up! There is the option of including links within the Stories. For this reason, actions like visits to a web page or the purchase of a specific product are simplified, without being very intrusive, just simply by sliding the screen upwards.
  4. Permanence: The stories and live video are maintained in the social network up to 24 hours, increasing the duration of the event, even if it has already ended. In addition, it a decision of the viewer when is the best time to view it (within that time).
  5. If you have an Instagram for Business profile, you can also organize your actions in a very simple way. You will have the option of creating well-segmented ads within the application, for example, and you will know the number of users who follow you, their profile (age, city, sex), the days and hours that they are more active, and a long etcetera.

Definitely, this social network offers multiple original options and all of them with a great human component. Now that you know how Instagram stories can help you in your next event, do not forget to contact us, we will be happy to help you in your next project!

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